You may be the leader in your field, but does your written output always reflect this? CAW Market Communications can work alongside you as a day to day consulting editor, ensuring you make the very best of every opportunity to communicate with your internal and/or external audiences.

"I've never subscribed to the view that good writers are born, not made. Having said that, many successful business people would admit that the written word is not their strong suit and probably wish they had better skills in that area.

"I have provided confidential assistance to a number of very senior people, and indeed middle managers. There are normally two happy outcomes; firstly their written output gets an immediate turbo boost; secondly they begin to develop their own writing skills and style, in time reducing or eliminating their need for third party assistance.

"The range of material is virtually unlimited, but common examples are crucial letters of one kind or another, speeches and internal communication documents. As with all our contact with potential and existing clients, your approach to us is handled in complete confidentiality, so I hope you will have the confidence to make that all important first step."

- Chris Wright