The continuing professional development seminar is a powerful message conveyor. It should offer a worthwhile learning experience. CAWMC has an excellent track record in creating entertaining seminars that educate.

"I have found my journalistic training to be invaluable when creating a CPD seminar for a client.

"This type of presentation requires a very different approach from a straightforward sales offer. One needs to provide information in an impartial and informative way. It's also vital to be able to describe often complex concepts in a very simple and concise manner.

"I have steered several presentations through the Royal Institute of British Architects' (RIBA) CPD Providers' Network assessed material scheme. This is an excellent 'filter' for presentations and it has been very useful to work with highly experienced assessors in achieving a worthwhile educational experience for my clients' audiences.

"You may be considering creating your first CPD module or looking to upgrade and or update your existing presentation. Please get in touch and I would be delighted to explain how I can make what is often a long-winded process much shorter, with an enhanced end product."

 - Chris Wright