In house marketing managers usually enjoy the luxury of specialisation, balanced by the curse of extreme time poverty. CAW can provide a helping hand to ensure projects get delivered on time, rather than when time allows.

"You're not alone - I've been there too. With 12 years of in-house marketing management behind me, I know how it feels to have colleagues telling you that your job is the cushiest and most glamorous in the entire company/organisation, yet you're the one who's always competing with the cleaners to be the last one out of the door and working weekends and late into the night to meet that immovable exhibition deadline.

"Then comes the problem of enlisting help. You may be stretched, but are you able to fully justify someone else of similar ability and in-house experience on the payroll?

"It was for these, and many more reasons, that I created what I like to call an in-house augmentation service. Essentially it allows you to complete all your tasks at low additional cost, with no long term employment commitments and absolutely no compromise in quality.

"Juggling equally important priorities is never fun, but our augmentation service will at least ensure you get a good night's sleep and leave the cleaners to lock up!"

- Chris Wright